Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Grecian Lamp DIY

I've just started this here blog, to document my various projects because as addicted to Pinterest as I am, I can never find the same items for projects because I live in Cape Town, South Africa. So this is going to be a South African - or more specifically, a Capetonian - DIY blog. Maybe I'll do some homegrown recipes too. Who knows??

I had some old sad-looking Woolworths lamps from like the 90s, so I took off their shades and replaced them. Any nice-looking lamp bases will do, I guess. Mine are a dark wood. Bought some plain shades from Loads of Living in Cavendish Square. Went to my old favourite, Fabric World, on Main Road, Wynberg, but they didn't have the trim I needed so I went across the road to this place who had the perfect pattern:

For my two shades I needed just less than 3 metres. It came to about R18 a metre which is practically free.

You'll need:
Lamp bases 
Plain white lampshades (here's where I got mine)
Glue (I used bostik superglue stuff)
Greek key trim (1.5m per shade)

Literally just remove the old shades and attach the new ones, and replace the bulb again. Then glue the trim along the bottom and top, or just the bottom if you like that look. It's not rocket science but you should try to glue in sections to get it even.

 Here's its twin:


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